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The Divas of Compton is a Performing Arts Leadership Program for youth and teen girls ages 2-19.

About Us

A Mission of Movement

The "DIVA's of Compton" Performing Arts & Leadership program is an excellent opportunity for youth and teen girls to enhance their performing arts skills while learning how to become a leader and achieve their goals.  Designed for youth and teen girls (2 years-19 years), our program provides participants with access to quality performing arts training, mentoring, and leadership workshops.  DIVA members travel to competitions conferences, leadership retreats, as well as participate in special performances and events.    The DIVAS of Compton were featured on the hit television show "Bring It" where they showcased their dance talent and competed agains nationally ranked dance teams.

  • Our goal is to inspire, uplift, and educate young girls on the benefits of dance training and living a healthy lifestyle.  

Performing Arts

We Provide members with access to quality performing arts training in the following genres:

*Jazz            *Hip Hop           *Ballet

*Majorette     *Lyrical             *Liturgical

*Tumbling      *Stepping         *Modeling

*African          *Krumping       *Cheer

In addition to dance, we also provide members with access to training in acting, musical theater, music production, public speaking and more.

Leadership thru Dance

We teach our Divas to be leaders in their home, school, and community.  Our dance performances and productions are used to promote social justice and to provide positive messages and imagery of inner city youth and teen girls.

Our members are taught to carry themselves with respect, dignity and to uphold a high standard of integrity.

The Divas of Compton have partnered with community organizations such as Pretty In Pink Girls Empowerment program to provide the Divas with monthly leadership workshops that target the many issues facing youth and teens.

We address and provide strategies to deal with issues such as:

*Bullying            *Peer Pressure

*Abstinence       *Drug & Alcohol Abuse

We empower our members by providing them with opportunities to develop into youth leaders capable of being change agents for their communities.


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Divas of Compton of 1-Shine Youth Services

Phone: (562) 475-8830

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